Isla Holbox – Mexico’s best kept secret

Isla Holbox

Have you ever heard about an island without paved roads, a place where people gather together to watch sunsets and flamingos paradise? This is Isla Holbox – Mexico’s best-kept secret. In the Mayan language, Holbox means “black hole” and this place is still unknown by many tourists. 

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Isla Holbox is approximately 26 miles long and 1 mile wide. It is located in the state of Quintana Roo. Specifically, 2-hour drive from the Cancun Airport. The best way to get to the island is to catch a ferry from a small village called Chiquila.

Top things to do in Isla Holbox

1. Rent a bike

It doesn’t sound exciting, right? What if I tell you that is the best way to explore this island? In a very short time, it is possible to see many beautiful spots because this island is relatively small. Remember, your bike can take you where your car won’t! Especially, there are almost no cars on the island, just golf carts, and bikes… sound like paradise?

Isla Holbox Bikes

2. Find famous hammocks

Most people associate Mexico with sombrero or tequila, but we should not forget about hammocks! Particularly in Yucatan Peninsula, the production of hammocks is the main source of income for the majority of families. Doubtless, they are the most comfortable in the world – hand-made with very thin cotton threads. 

Isla Holbox Hammocks Mexico

3. Check out street art

Despite this island being so small you can find there plenty of street art. In 2014 Holbox participated in International Art Festival. Moreover, artists from all over the world came to the island and painted the streets of Holbox. 

Isla Holbox Mural Street Art
Isla Holbox Mural Street Art
Isla Holbox Mural Street Art
Isla Holbox Mural Street Art
Isla Holbox Mural Street Art

4. Find flamingos

Flamingos in Isla Holbox can be found near Punta Mosquito. Walk from the town takes less than 1 hour. Another, quicker option is renting a bike. However, you will have to leave your bike at the beach by the river because the water there is too deep. The next step will be walking through shallow water. Please remember to check →Tide Times and the weather before planning this walk. 

If you wonder where else in the world you can see flamingos please check out my post about →Cyprus.

Flamingi  Isla Holbox Meksyk

5. Search for iguanas

Very often we like to check places off the beaten track, even they do not look interesting. We have decided to take a walk along Calle Paseo Kuka. You would not believe how many iguanas were sunbathing there! If you are close to Villas Flamingos you should go there. I can guarantee that you will see there beautiful iguanas.

Iguana Isla Holbox Mexico

6. Swim with whale sharks

Whale sharks season in Holbox starts in June and ends in September. These giants are the most gentle marine species so do not be afraid of them! It was my dream to see the largest fish in the world in their natural environment. Swimming with whale sharks was one of the best experiences we ever had!

Swimming with Whale Sharks

7. Watch sunsets in Isla Holbox

I have watched many beautiful sunsets but those in Isla Holbox were truly special. I think the main reason for that is the location of the island. The sun goes down directly above the Gulf of Mexico and there is no other land in sight. 


The best three places to watch sunsets 

1. The Pier

I have never seen so many people in one place waiting for a sunset. It is amazing that places like this still exist. We live in a hurry and sometimes we forget to enjoy simple things like sunsets. Holbox is absolutely the best place which reminds us about this.

Sunset Isla Holbox Meksyk

2. Punta Cocos

Punta Cocos is such a beautiful spot that you should check it out regardless of the time of the day. We did not stay there for a sunset but I can see such potential in this place. Imagine sitting at this wonderful beach and waiting for the sun to come down slowly, sinking in deep waters.

Punta Cocos Isla Holbox Mexico

3. Rooftop terrace in Villas HM palapas del mar

The rooftop terrace with an infinity pool in Villas HM palapas del mar is busier in the evening than during the day. People come here to have a cocktail and admire beautiful sunsets. Make sure to come earlier to get the best spot!

Sunset Isla Holbox Villas HM Palapas del Mar Mexico

The best place to stay is Isla Holbox

→Villas HM palapas del mar

This is the best hotel we have ever visited. This 4-star hotel consists of 52 villas and some of them have private pools. There are also two communal pools – one on the roof with the view of the sea and another by the restaurant. The hotel is situated just a few steps from the beach and blends perfectly into the natural environment. This beautiful building is a mixture of modern architecture and palapas style. It is easy to fall in love with this place. 

Villas HM palapas del mar Isla Holbox Mexico
Roof pool Isla Holbox Mexico
Villas HM palapas del mar Isla Holbox Mexico
Villas HM palapas del mar Isla Holbox Mexico
Villas HM palapas del mar Isla Holbox Mexico
Villas HM palapas del mar Isla Holbox Mexico
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