GoPro waterproof Dome – How to take striking underwater photos

gopro waterproof photos in swimming pool

How to take split-half underwater photos with GoPro waterproof Dome?

Split half shots combine landscape and underwater photography by placing the top half of the image above water and the bottom half below. We can see boats or people and majestic sky, but also underwater life including colorful fishes and coral reefs at the same time. If you want to find out how to take split-half underwater photos with GoPro waterproof Dome you are in right place.

gopro waterproof dome

Do you want to make your picture stand out? To bring attention to your underwater photos, look for objects that don’t blend with the surroundings. The contrast in shots is very important as well as the post process where you can add a bit more color and sharpness.

underwater photos with GoPro waterproof Dome

The appropriate light is essential for taking beautiful underwater photos. Water absorbs light far quicker than air. As a result that you can expose half of the image easily. GoPro Dome can help you take pictures when everything is in focus.

GoPro accessories you will need for taking the best underwater photos

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1. GoPro camera

GoPro cameras are very small so they can fit in any pocket. In comparison to waterproof cameras and phones, GoPro’s can take amazing photos even without Dome Port. GoPro’s are suitable for recording water sports and many other adventurous activities.

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2. GoPro waterproof case

The waterproof case is ideal for diving in the deep ocean. You can get high-quality pictures above and below water. It gives extra protection for your camera lens from getting scratched when taking underwater photos.

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3. GoPro Floating Hand Grip

Are you afraid of losing your GoPro camera in water? Waterproof Floating Hand Grip will keep the camera above the water’s surface and protect it from drowning. This tiny and lightweight floating stick is compatible with many GoPro models.

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4. GoPro waterproof Dome Port

Getting a GoPro Dome is the cheapest and most effective method to take awesome split-half underwater photos with a GoPro camera. In terms of GoPro accessories and camera gear, I believe it is the best purchase I’ve made. The images you can capture with a GoPro are amusing and one of a kind.

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A transparent GoPro case is attached to the back of the GoPro Dome Port. It appears identical to a conventional GoPro waterproof case. However, you would not be able to take such amazing photos with it. A bigger lens area in a Dome Port makes it easier to take half underwater pictures.

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Some of the models have a water line guide on the back. If you ensure that the long white line is aligned with the water level you are good to go. Push the button on the top of the GoPro cover to start shooting images every few seconds. All you need is relatively clear water and a good friend that can swim.

5. Cover to avoid scratches on your GoPro waterproof Dome

What’s more annoying than water droplets on a GoPro Dome? Scratches! Always keep your GoPro dome in a soft protective cover. Permanent scratches will appear on all of your pictures so don’t just throw the GoPro dome into your bag. Put it in a cover that will help you to enjoy taking amazing underwater photos for a long time.
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6. Water repellent for GoPro waterproof Dome

If there are few drops on your GoPro Dome, those can be easily removed in Photoshop. However, numerous drops cause some people to decide to use water repellent spray. It ensures that your camera is free of water drops while recording in wet conditions. You can use it on many cameras or even snorkel masks to prevent it from fogging.

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7. Anti-fog inserts

You can also buy anti-fog inserts which can be used several times. All you need to do is to bake them in the oven for 5 minutes. Then, put them cool into a GoPro waterproof case. The heat of the camera can cause fog inside the housing so using anti-fog strips might be a good idea.

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8. Water absorbent towel to get rid of water drops on your GoPro waterproof Dome

You can take one of the best pictures in the swimming pool. Split half underwater images with a subject near to the camera and calm water can give you amazing shots. However, water drops can ruin even the best underwater pictures. To wipe them away from your GoPro Dome, bring a little water-absorbent towel with you.

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How to take care of your GoPro waterproof accessories

Underwater camera gear has to be maintained regularly. No one will look after your equipment as much as you will. The main enemy of your camera is heat so never expose it to direct sunlight. If you really must leave it outside, cover it with a cloth. When you get back to the hotel, clean all camera equipment as quickly as possible in freshwater. Never use hot water to rinse your underwater gear.

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Waterproof camera – alternative to GoPro 

If you are looking for a cheaper solution than GoPro you might consider buying one of the waterproof cameras such as Olympus Tough. It captures outstanding images in 4K resolution. The lens in the camera enables amazing macro photography without the use of an extra lens. Olympus Tough underwater camera is ideal for shallow dives as well as other outdoor activities.

How to capture underwater photos with a phone

To take pictures in the water, you don’t need a GoPro or any waterproof cameras. If you decide to take underwater photos with your phone, you will have to keep your expectations realistic. The photos with your phone might not be as sharp as those with a GoPro.

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Regardless of what equipment you choose, mastering underwater photography will require time. The more familiar you become with GoPro, waterproof camera, or phone, the better photographs you’ll be able to capture.

Find the best waterproof case for your phone

Underwater scenes of coral reefs with marine life are stunning. If you want to capture those beautiful moments with your phone make sure to buy a good waterproof case. Select one that is suitable for your phone type. Check some reviews and find one with a free water damage guarantee.

Even if it says your phone is water-resistant it does not mean it is waterproof. Water-resistant phones can survive splashes and resist water penetration to certain levels. You can take underwater photos if you purchase a water-resistant case for your phone.

Buy a waterproof phone case that is compatible with a photo pole

If you are planning to take photos with your phone you might want to buy a water-resistant case that is compatible with a photo pole. It is difficult to keep your hand steady underwater so a selfie stick can help you with it.

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Things to consider when taking underwater photos with GoPro Dome, waterproof camera, or your phone

Even if you are an experienced swimmer, starting to take pictures in the shallow water is recommended. Although a sandy seabed reflects sunlight better, it also means that there will be more silt in the water. You will find cleaner waters on rocky beaches, however, rocks reflect less light. Standing on them is not comfortable, so don’t forget to take water shoes for your trip.

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Find out whether there are any harmful marine species such as jellyfish that you should be cautious of. Marine life may potentially be dangerous to humans. Many fish species contain poisonous spines. It is hard to identify all of the creatures that may harm us if we touched them.

Post-production in Photoshop and Lightroom

Even the greatest underwater camera setup has its limitations in terms of illumination. It is possible that the water will not always be clear and blue. That’s why editing underwater photosares so important. There are plenty of free tutorials that can teach you how to use Photoshop.

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In my opinion, software like Photoshop or Lightroom is the best choice. Improving the contrast of your underwater shots is one of the most crucial things to do. Adding sharpness and cropping pictures allows you to create the most amazing underwater photography.

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How to take a photo from a video in Photoshop?

Instead of using continuous shooting mode (burst mode), you might just keep recording video. It is really easy to cut a photo from any video in Photoshop. Just go to File->Import->Video Frames to Layers and choose a video to import.

How to take a photo from a video

You can select all frames or ranges only by using trim controls. When you find the best picture, save it to your computer and begin editing it.

How to take a photo from a video Photoshop

Top tips that can help you take the best underwater photos with GoPro waterproof Dome Port, phone, or waterproof camera

  • It’s much simpler to capture great underwater photos in a swimming pool than in a rough ocean.
  • When taking underwater photos, go as close to the object as possible.
  • The best time for underwater photography is morning or afternoon when light is soft.
  • If you want to capture a 50/50 (under/over) photo make sure there are no water drops on your GoPro Dome.
  • Always carry your GoPro Dome in a soft protective cover to avoid scratches
  • Test all new equipment before going on holiday

Waterproof camera underwater photos gopro waterproof

Test your waterproof case before going on holiday

You’ll be able to shoot beautiful pictures if you study your equipment and practice. Become familiar with your underwater phone photography skills before going on holiday. Visit an outdoor swimming pool to try different camera settings and angles of taking pictures.

Isla Holbox rooftop pool gopro waterproof

Before you go snorkeling make sure that the waterproof case for your phone is good to use. Test if the product is well-sealed. If it fails, freshwater can cause less damage to your phone than saltwater.

Waterproof camera coral reef gopro waterproof

Make sure your phone is fully charged before going to the ocean as you do not want your phone to die when you spot a sea turtle.

underwater photography turtle gopro waterproof

Amazing underwater photo ideas

Photograph people in the water

Maintain a shallow depth in the water so you have enough natural light to work with. It’s ideal to snap photos in burst mode. Ask a friend to take an amazing picture for you. Don’t forget to wear snorkeling fins to create a striking contrast with the blue water.

gopro waterproof

Photographs of marine life

If you’re new to underwater photography, you might find it easier to concentrate on objects that move slowly. Fast-moving animals, such as fish, might be a bit difficult to capture. For the greatest results, use burst mode or just record video. As I mentioned before it is really easy to create amazing pictures from video in Photoshop.

underwater photos colourful fishes gopro waterproof

Patterns in the water

Capture texture of coral reef and colorful fishes. You’ll see surprising patterns beneath the waves. When creating amazing artwork with your underwater camera, look for weird forms and unusual perspectives.

underwater photos gopro waterproof

The light rays

To give your underwater images a mystical atmosphere, focus on the rays of sunshine going down through the water. Results can be quite compelling. Illumination in water can give you a dramatic feel and make the photo stand out.

Best destinations to test GoPro Dome Port or waterproof camera

1. Riviera Maya, Mexico

The second-largest barrier reef in the world starts from the Yucatan Peninsula and goes all the way to Belize. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef has over 500 fish species and 100 different varieties of coral. Riviera Maya is recognized as one of the best places to see turtles and whale sharks.

swimming with whale shark

Cancun’s Underwater Museum and the C58 Shipwreck are excellent diving locations in Mexico. You can take amazing underwater shots there. If you’ve never dived before, many places offer diving courses, but keep in mind that training might take a long time.

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2. Zakynthos, Greece

There are many fascinating spots in the Zakynthos to spot turtles. They may be seen in a few areas of Zante, including Gerakas Beach, Marathonisi Peninsula, and Cameo Island. Sea urchins can also be seen in Greek waters. Zakynthos is one of Europe’s top diving destinations.

Blue Caves in Zante

Any visitor will be charmed by Zakynthos underwater caves. The Blue Caves of Zante are located in the north of the island. The amazing turquoise waters may be witnessed as the sun’s rays reflect off the sea waves and limestone rocks.

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3. Cyprus

The cleanest European waters can be found in Cyprus. Caretta Caretta turtles may be seen swimming along the coast of Paphos and at Lara Beach. Taking underwater photos in Cyprus might be easier than in other parts of the world due to the incredible amount of beaches with Blue Flags.

GoPro waterproof Cyprus turtle

In Cyprus, you can swim in The Museum of Underwater Sculpture. Jason deCaires Taylor’s artwork may also be seen at Grenada’s Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park and Mexico’s Isla Mujeres National Marine Park.

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4. Iceland

Plenty of amazing hot springs in Iceland gives a great opportunity for taking great shots in the water. Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous places to visit in Iceland. The contrast between the milky blue water and the volcanic rocks is striking. During nice weather, you will be able to take amazing pictures of one of the 25 wonders of the world.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland GoPro waterproof

Another popular spot for underwater photography in Iceland is Silfa. It’s an incredible location with a unique underwater perspective of the North American and European tectonic plates. There is just one location on the planet where you may swim between two continents’ tectonic plates.

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