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Fuerteventura dunes

Fuerteventura or Lanzarote – Which Canary Island to choose?

Plenty of sun all year round. On the one hand, landscapes like from Mars. On the other hand, the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. Volcanic views or miles of sandy beaches in Fuerteventura. The choice was difficult. We have chosen the closest island to the coast of Africa.

Fuerteventura best beaches Corralejo Sand Dunes Natural ParkCorralejo Sand Dunes Natural Park, Spain

Canary Islands consist of 7 larger and 6 smaller islands. The most popular of them are:

The smaller islands include:

  • Graciosa
  • Alegranza
  • Lobos
  • Montana Clara
  • Roque del Este
  • and Roque del Oeste

Called “the islands of eternal spring”, because they offer great weather all year round.

Isla de LobosIsla de Lobos, Spain

During the winter holidays, you can still enjoy the sun. A few years ago, I have spent Christmas on one of the Canary Islands. The weather was perfect, but it was hard to decide to swim in the ocean. Even in summer, the water temperatures are not as amazing as in →Greece. Some people love the Canary Islands and others don’t. I did not like them, until now…

La Pared Fuerteventura beautiful beachesLa Pared, Spain


You will not fall In love with this island straight away. After leaving the airplane you will feel a strong wind and start wondering if it was a good choice. Transfer from the airport to the hotel will not change your mind so quickly. Beautiful views? There is nothing there. Miles of total wilderness. Fortunately, this is only the first impression.

Road FuerteventuraFuerteventura, Spain

Most of the attractions are in the northern and southern parts of the island. Unfortunately, to reach them you have to drive a route with not much greenery. There are no tourist resorts or sandy beaches that Fuerteventura is famous for. Is this island overrated?

Mountains in canary islandFuerteventura, Spain

Beaches in Fuerteventura

The best beaches in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura beaches are amazing. The golden sand from the Sahara is incredibly soft. However, strong gusts of wind make it no longer pleasant. Its fine grains are like needle pricks. You will find it everywhere. In shoes, hair, and under clothing. On some beaches, we were unable to sit for more than half an hour. Without a stone wall shielding from the wind, it’s hard to relax on the beach.

Fuerteventura best beaches El CotilloEl Cotillo, Spain

The island offers amazing views of the sand-colored mountains. In turn, the ocean impresses with all shades of blue. In my opinion, the beaches in Fuerteventura are one of the most beautiful in Europe. Thanks to this island, I convinced myself to the Canary Islands again. If you want to fall in love with Fuerteventura like me, be sure to see the 10 most beautiful beaches on the island.

Sandy mountains SotaventoSotavento, Spain

Top 10 beaches you must visit during your stay in Fuerteventura

1. Puertito de Lobos ( Isla de Lobos)

As for me, one of the most interesting beaches. The beautiful turquoise water surrounded by volcanic landscape makes you want to immerse yourself in it. The scenery of this place immediately changes during high tide and low tide. It is worth spending a few hours there to admire the volcanic rocks emerging from the water.

Isla de Lobos, SpainIsla de Lobos, Spain

Puertito de Lobos is not located on Fuerteventura, but on the nearby island of Isla de Lobos. You can get there in just 15 minutes from Corralejo. I recommend buying a water taxi ticket. Cruise on the high waves of the Atlantic Ocean is a great attraction itself.

LobosIsla de Lobos, Spain

There is perfect peace on the Island. During the day, the island is visited by up to 400 people. You must obtain permission to visit Lobos, which you can get →here. Permits are gone very quickly, especially for visits in the morning. New permits appear on the website at 2 pm and within a few minutes, most of them are already reserved.

2. Sotavento 

Sotavento beach immediately reminds me of Mexico, and more specifically the island of →Holbox. A fairytale landscape that changes depending on the high and low tide. The wonderful lagoon makes an amazing impression, especially from the Mirador del Salmo viewpoint.

Mirador del Salmo Mirador del Salmo, Spain

One of the most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura, which looks like paradise on earth. It is indeed a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. The beach is windy, and the current of water is so strong that it is difficult to swim in it. Windsurfers and kitesurfers can’t complain. It is an ideal place for water sports.

Sotavento windsurfingSotavento, Spain

Despite the strong winds, it is worth going to Sotavento beach. The beach is surrounded by unusual sandy mountains. In this place, you can feel a bit like in the Sahara desert. Desert views on one of the European islands are really rare.

Sotavento beachSotavento, Spain

3. El Cotillo – The most scenic Fuerteventura beaches can be found here!

The beach is recommended by literally everyone! One of the most beautiful places to enjoy the sunsets in Fuerteventura. Picturesque coves surrounded by volcanic rocks are amazing. Loads of Brits, Germans, or Dutch have already fallen in love with this place. Many of them return to El Cotillo every year, and some of them settle there permanently.

El Cotillo, FuerteventuraEl Cotillo, Spain

4. Corralejo Sand Dunes and Grandes Playas – Fuerteventura beaches in the northern part of the island

Corralejo is a tourist town surrounded by the National Park. Driving the FV-1a road, on one hand, you can admire the dunes, and on the other, beautiful beaches such as Playa El Viejo, Playa Larga, or Playa El Dormidero. We found the most beautiful dunes next to the beach of Playa El Moro.


I have the impression that the beaches in Corralejo are less windy than the beaches in the south of the island. The northern part of Fuerteventura is often chosen by tourists from France. In turn southern by tourists from Germany. Relaxing on one of the Corralejo beaches, you can admire volcanic rocks, find plenty of golden sand, and stones that resemble popcorn!

Corralejo, Fuerteventura Sandy beachesCorralejo, Spain

5. Costa Calma – Fuerteventura beaches full of squirrels

A tourist destination that immediately enchanted me. Luxury hotels are located on the cliffs and beautiful beaches below them. Despite the very well-developed hotel areas, you can find plenty of quiet places there. The charming coves between Esmeralda beach and Caretta beach will make you fall in love with this place.

Costa Calma, Fuerteventura best beachesCosta Calma, Spain

One of the most popular holiday resorts in Fuerteventura is also the home of squirrels. From the viewing point of Mirador de Costa Calma, you can admire the long sandy beach of Costa Calma. If you get closer to the cliff edge, you’ll see a whole bunch of ground squirrels.

Ground squirrel FuerteventuraGround squirrel, Spain

6. Playa de la pared

One of the most beautiful viewpoints in Fuerteventura. We found out about this place from a resident of the island. This beach is located off the beaten track. It is the complete opposite of the tourist town of Costa Calma. You won’t see any signposts to the viewpoint, and the place itself seems to be quite wild. The dramatic landscape and strong waves hitting the rocky coast are breathtaking.

La Pared, FuerteventuraLa Pared, Spain

7. Playa De La Concha ( Isla de Lobos)

A beautiful beach that is located on the nearby island of Lobos. It is an ideal place to end the day on this practically desert island. Officially, the island is inhabited by only four people. A large part of the island is inaccessible to tourists because it is under protection. There are over 140 endemic plant species. Most of them occur only in Macaronesia, which includes the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Azores, Madeira, and the Selvagens Islands.

Playa De La Concha De LobosPlaya De La Concha, Isla de Lobos

8. Solana del Matorral in Morro Jable

The huge 4 km long beach immediately catches the eye when passing through the village of Morro Jable. In the middle of the beach, there is 59 meters high lighthouse. It is the highest lighthouse in the Canary Islands. Between the parking lot and the lighthouse, there is a protected area. A wooden footbridge leads to the beach.

Solana del Matorral in Morro Jable, lighthouse Fuerteventura best beachesSolana del Matorral, Morro Jable

9. Esquinzo – Playa Esquinzo-Butihondo

A long sandy beach that is located in Esquinzo. Three kilometers of golden sand allow you to find peace even in this tourist part of the island. There are many hotels in the area, mainly visited by German tourists.

Fuerteventura beautiful beaches Esquinzo Esquinzo, Spain

10. Playa del Muellito, Las Salinas

Beach is visited rather by the inhabitants of the Island than tourists. However, it can be a great option to combine rest with sightseeing. In the small fishing village, there is a salt museum. This is the only salt production site in Fuerteventura. A place that squirrels love.

Las Salinas, FuerteventuraLas Salinas, Spain

Photos of Fuerteventura


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