Travel blogging

Travel blogging

Probably most of you dream about starting a blog and travelling full time. Laptop in swimming pool area, flexible working hours are a dream career path. However, living from blogging is not easy, especially at the beginning. Just after buying a domain you have a giant enthusiasm to write posts and expect to see results quickly. Meanwhile, reality is different. Is travel blogging just a dream?

Isla Holbox travel bloggingIsla Holbox, Mexico

Definitely not, there are many successful bloggers. Their achievements reflect their hard work. A good blog is being built for many years. Are you able to devote your free time every day to create unique content for the next few years without any benefits at the beginning? If you are passionate about travelling and writing posts, you will absolutely persist in this. Who knows, maybe a dream about travel blogging will come true.

travel blogging IcelandOxararfoss, Iceland

My blog was created in 2019 with passion for travelling. Fascination of other countries caused that I decided to share my travels with others. Within two years of launching my blog it was selected as one of →70 best travel blogs in the UK. This is a huge distinction that gives me lot of motivation to work on my blog. If you want to read about places I have visited in England check this →link.

travel blogging England UKOld Harry Rocks, England

Travel blogging – How to start travel blog?

1. Blog name

At the beginning you have to choose name for your blog. I recommend short names that can be easily remembered. After all, you want potential visitors to have no problem with finding your page in google search.

How to choose blog name travelIsla Holbox, Mexico

Lot of travel blogs contain such a words as adventure, journey, world or traveller. This is a good idea if you want to create a blog only about travelling. After time many bloggers decide to broaden their blogging expertise. It is also worth considering a name that will be relevant all the time.

How to name a blog so you do not regret it later? Compare names of travel blogs in Google search. If the number of blogs with the word you want to use in your name is enormous maybe you should think about choosing different word. Almost identical name will make it hard to find.

  • Use alliteration

How to come up with a catchy blog name? Try alliteration – use the same letters at the beginning of adjacent words. The best example of this are famous companies such as Coca-Cola or PayPal. Alliteration dates back to Shakespeare times and the use of this stylistic technique lasts until now.

Isla Holbox Coca ColaIsla Holbox, Mexico

  • Use contamination

You can also use contamination (Portmanteau), i.e. connecting two words into one new word. An excellent example is a blogosphere, which is a combination of the word blog and atmosphere. One of the most popular websites Wikipedia also uses contamination in its name. The name of this page is creation of word Wiki and encyclopedia.

It is also worth checking if the blog name you want to choose is available in social media. Building a brand with the same name on different platforms will make that your audience will not have a problems to find you.

Choosing perfect blog name is not easy. Something that seems to us a great idea after a few years may turn out to be stupid. Therefore, it is worth taking some time to come up with an interesting blog name that we will not regret later.

how to start bloggingFuerteventura, Spain

2. Domain

If you want a good blog you need to buy domain. Firstly, free platforms do not build readers’ trust and are not Google’s friendly. Secondly, purchase of one year domain plan is not expensive at all. Furthermore you can always cancel your plan if you will not be happy with it. Personally, I use a →Bluehost hosting plan that is the most popular domain on the web.

Bluehost offers technical support for 24 hours 7 days a week. In addition you have the opportunity to create multiple websites on one account. Besides this each of the Bluehost plans offers a free SSL certificate that allows you to use site safely.

It should be noted that if you decide to cancel your plan within 30 days from purchase Bluehost guarantees money-back. What else does the →Bluehost guarantees? 99.98% uptime so if your blog will be down for about two hours during the year due to viruses or hardware failure of the supplier then you can get refund.

3. Publishing posts

Moreover the advantage of Bluehost is that you can get redirected to WordPress. Not only designing website, but also publishing posts in WordPress is super easy. It is worth to mention that →Bluehost is recommended by WordPress as the best domain hosting provider.

Furthermore, almost 1/3 of websites in the world uses WordPress and over 2 million domains are registered in Bluehost. WordPress is a free software that will allow you to create a dream website. However, to use it you need a domain name and hosting for example Bluehost.

Finally, after domain purchase you can start working on a blog. It is worth to have a few posts in advance. You must gain interest among readers at the very beginning. The publication of one post and long work on the another will make that interest in your blog will decrease.

Achieving success in blogging is primarily related to high quality and the number of information. The richest man in the world Bill Gates once said that “Content is king.” Publishing a large number of valuable posts will make that visits to your website will increase. Do you know that one of the biggest blogs in the world publishes one post in less than a minute?

It does not mean that you have to publish hundreds of posts a day. The most important is the frequency of publishing new content. The most popular travel blogs created by one person are able to publish an average of one post a month, and some of them 1 post a week.

4. Promoting a blog

Sharing new posts on Facebook is not the only way to promote a blog. If you want Google to rank your page high in search engine then you have to start build links to your site. How to get other bloggers link to your website?

You can write guest posts on other blogs. Many groups on Facebook will link to your website in return for guest posting. If you get some backlinks Google will notice that your site is trustworthy. Your DA “Domain Authority” will start to increase. Higher DA can help you rank better in Google search.

It is also worth commenting other blogs. By doing this you can get new link that can increase traffic on your site. Comments should be valuable. Spamming other sites just to get a link does not make any sense.

  • What does SEO means?

Optimizing page is also very important. Writing niche posts that only small amount of people searching during a month will not help you to grow. You should pay attention to the most often searched words in the subject that you want to write about. However, not always choosing the most popular keywords is effective. Huge competition with high DA will make that even the best-written post will not do well.

What does SEO meanShropshire, England

Subject of SEO “Search engine optimization” is pretty extensive. It is very likely that at beginning of blogging you will make a lot of mistakes. As famous proverb says “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Months of hard work on your blog will make that you will start understanding SEO better. You can always improve badly optimized posts. Statistics also show that updating older posts has good impact on your blog. Google recognises that site has up to date information and will start rank it higher.

Writing posts regularly also have a great impact on Google. Each new post adds keywords that make your website easier to find in internet. The larger number of keywords of valuable content, the greater chance of ranking high in Google. One of the most popular travel blogs has over 400,000 keywords. Such a number of words generates over 700,000 visits within a month.

5.Travel blogging – How to earn money while travelling?

If you put a lot of effort in your blog the idea of ​​travel blogging can become a reality. Unfortunately, many bloggers resigns from writing posts after a few months. Only patience and hard work will make that your blog will start earning money.

How to earn money while travellingWales, UK

How much can a travel blog earn? It all depends on the strategy that you will use. The most popular travel blogs earn 6-digit numbers during the year. However, most of bloggers have very small earnings. Although, there are some people that can make $ 3,000 to $ 10,000 per month from blogging.

How fast can you start earning from blogging? Earnings are dependent on the amount of time that spend on your blog. Working on your website for a few hours a day you will help you earn some money after 6 months. However, satisfactory earnings require a few years of hard work.

Travel blogging – 3 reasons to start writing a travel blog

1. Document your trips

In past we used to see photos from travels only in family albums. Writing a blog and publishing pictures allows us to create a personal online travel journal. At any time, regardless of where we are we can always come back to memories from our trips.

Melissani cave Kefalonia travel bloggingMelissani Cave, Kefalonia

Such a travel diary will also bring lot of benefits to other users. The more information about a specific place on the Internet, the easier to plan travel to places we have never been before. Most people decide to start blogging to inspire others to travel. Sharing experiences makes travel blogs the most reliable sources of tourist information.

ice cave iceland travel bloggingIce cave, Iceland

Travel blogs also help small companies that are unable to advertise themselves. By visiting interesting places you can share them with others and show small local companies to the world.

2. Learn new skills

It would seem that blogging is nothing difficult. However, writing a blog requires basic skills such as understanding of SEO, editing photos or analysing traffic on your website. You can learn everything with time. There are plenty of tutorials online that will allow you to acquire useful skills in blogging.

When I started blogging I did not know how to use WordPress or optimize my site. Long hours spent on searching for information made me learn basics of SEO. Some people do not take SEO into account when writing posts. However, the page optimization is very important.

High-quality content optimized with Google will make that even without promotion of your blog on Facebook number of visitors on your website will increase. I say this from my own experience, because one year after launching my blog I took a break in publishing posts. Nevertheless, the number of visits in my blog has doubled.

How to analyse behaviour of your website on Google? Stats of visits on your blog can be found on WordPress. You can preview most popular posts and see which country drive biggest traffic to your blog. It is also worth to use Google Search Insights where you can see the average time people spend on your website or if specific post is getting more popular. This is a great help in better understanding of your blog behaviour.

3. Travel blogging – Is blogging a paid job?

Regular publication of interesting content may begin to bring benefits in the future. Big traffic on your blog can helps a lot. Advertisements, affiliate links or working with companies are just a few ways to start earning while travel blogging. However, to start earn from your blog you need a big audience. Increasing the blog’s views requires a lot of effort and experience. Nevertheless, I think it’s worth trying to become a blogger.

Isla de Lobos, SpainIsla de Lobos, Spain

However, the probability of becoming successful in blogging is bigger when we do something with passion, not for money. Finally, I will quote the words of one of the richest women in the world:

“Follow your passion. Do what you love, and the money will follow. Most people don’t believe it, but it’s true.” – Oprah Winfrey

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  1. You have great points here. I have never though of travel blogging for myself (I don’t travel that much and I am more of the observer than sharer in travel matters) but I feel like travel blogs are never enough. there so many approaches of travel you can take!

  2. Thank you for sharing this information about travel blogging. This will help a lot of aspiring bloggers like me!

  3. I always wanted to start a travel blog, but I don’t really travel anywhere. Once a year if that. But I love that aerial shot Old Harry Rocks, England.

  4. What a wonderful adivce post for those who want to start a travel blog. I love how you added your own journey and peronal touches with your story.

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